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Our designers create the embroidery artwork based on their inspiration, originality and authenticity. Their initial design is drawn onto large paper patterns. A stencil of the pattern is prepared with a single needle. Then the fabric is laid out on a wooden frame and the stencil gets stamped with a white powder. The seamstress then takes over and shapes the designer's creation, with a single needle on traditional sewing machines. 

Our embroidery is authentic, multi-faceted, inspirational and unique turning our garments into a collection of art and beauty. From Ethnic to Modern. Traditional to Undiscovered. Culture to Unique. Sober to Dazzling. Simple to Striking.  Our garments reflect every Mood, Style, Trend, Passion and Character of the Designer, Seamstress, and the Wearer.

Handcrafted embroidery is truly a labour of art. Magic is created when the designs are turned from drawings on paper into the final garment pieces you wear. The embroidery process is long and arduous at times - yet the results are timeless and fascinating - offering the wearer a glimpse of the ethereal. 

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