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PT Hansika Unggul Indah originated over 25 years ago - specializing in handcrafted embroidery and lace and garments of the highest quality and finishing.  As garment manufacturers, our USP is our handcrafted embroidery and most of our products are exported to Japan. We take our buyers on a journey through infinite threadworks and we tribute the endeavours of our local artisans and craftswomen through our collection.


Our brand Bhumika is an amalgam of our founder's inspiration and creative designs and our vision is to become the brand that is synonymous with handcrafted embroidery in the Indonesian domestic market, Japan and worldwide. Bhumika has grown together with the dreams and aspirations of the local artisans - many of whom have never travelled beyond their hometown - but they get to travel through their handicrafts - as these garments travel to the buyers and the wearers.


A dream becomes magical when it is shared with others.  Bhumika is the platform where we connect our artisan's dreams into objects of art. Our vision is to make our artisans and seamstresses famous through the art that they have created on our garments - their work is truly ethereal and magical - and they deserve to be appreciated and glorified for their talent and hard work.   

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